A Closing Note

Dear Kaneland EC-5 teachers,

I want to take this blog post to thank you.  Thank you for opening your doors for me. Thank you for allowing me to learn about your day and your students and the challenges and joys that you face.  This year has been an amazing opportunity that I never could have anticipated and yet wouldn’t give up for the world.

If I am being honest, I was a bit anxious about this year.  I believe in coaching. I believe teachers need support to help us stay standing.  There are so many new things that get pushed onto an educator’s plate and coaches have the ability to provide support to allow teachers to continue to feel empowered in his/her profession.  I wanted the person that came into this position at the EC-5 level to be a coach that could support you and help you grow. I took the spot hoping that I could fulfill that role, knowing that I would have a steep learning curve when it came to the day in and day out of the elementary classroom.

You took me in and made me part of the family.  You answered my questions, even when they seemed silly.  You let me read with your students. Your students impressed me with their abilities to talk about their learning and the level of creativity that they have.  You listened to me and made me feel valued in this community. I cannot thank you enough.

As I head back to the world of high school, please remember I am always an email away!  Kaneland Pride!



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